Hello, I'm Brad...

I've been working, living and breathing Advertising for the the past 20 years.  I started off as a copywriter at a little place called Saatchi & Saatchi and then, through a number of agencies, made my way through the ranks of ACD, GACD, VP ACD to Creative Director, and Creative Director/Partner.  I opened my own agency in 2012 and then had an opportunity to sell it after only three really good years.  From there, I became a founder and partner in Central Station Toronto where we grew a 25 person shop to 52 people over the last four years. 

Having worked at agencies big and small, some chasing awards, some chasing their tails, today I'm hoping to find my next challenge.


Recent Work


The Agency Life...










And before that...


For 10 years I lead the Coors Light business.  In that time we saw the brand go from the 5th biggest beer in Canada to #1.  The work we did in Canada launched the brand into different parts of the world including Indonnesia, England and South America.

Kraft Canada

As challenging as a client you will find, I worked on the Deilissio business in Canada for 5 years including the launch of the 'It's not Delivery, it's Delissio" campaign here in Canada.


From responsible gambling campaigns for OLG, including 'Know your Limit and Play Within It'  as well as the long running Ontario Casino campaign, 'Bet you'll have fun'...

Nestle Canada

I worked on a lot of innovation with the Nestle Coffee group as well as Nestle Waters.  Naming, rebranding and re-launching things like Coffee Mate and Nespresso were some of the really great projects we took on.


Let's Talk Strategy

 I really enjoy being a part of how positioning and creative have to be born together and go on to live as twins.   Here are some examples of how I've written creative ideas into the positioning so clients know exactly where one strategic direction is heading.  It's always good when clients say, 'wow, we could run the mood boards!'

B to B Rewards

Launching a new Points Rewards program for Vicinity, part of a Rogers iniciative.

Kraft USA Relaunch for Wheat Thins

What to do when 'Wheat' is all of a sudden the bad guy in a glutton free world.

Wheat Thins

Another example from the Wheat Thins project.

Nestle Coffees

Here is an example of how we brought a completely new coffee idea to life. New pack format, also needed names and ways to introduce the idea to consumers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 2.50.41 PM.png


Word on the Street

I've know Brad and worked with him a long time, mostly through the Coors Light years. He's OK, for a creative guy.  They're all kind of annoying if we're being honest.

Darrell Hurst - EVP Managing Director JWT

I always look forward to working with Brad. And so do the people I work with.  When he's here everyone is like... "Hey Brad".

Tom Eymundson - CEO The Pirate Group

Brad actually gave me my first job out of OCAD to work for him as a jr AD and since then I've never looked back, or really taken the time to stay in touch but I'm a busy guy.

Gints Bruveris - CD Bensimon Byrne

fyi, this is not even a pic of me. So... that's weird. I worked with Brad from day one at Central Station, he does a lot to make good things happen. Short of using an actual photo of the person he asked to give him a quote.

Chantelle D'Aoust - Account Director, Milestone Integrated.


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